Ant mind

I have been battling ant incursions for a month now, yet I still believe that I can win.

There is the obvious approach of placing poisoned bait. If you choose this path, I recommend Terro liquid baits.

But I have chosen to caulk all of their entry points, in our 20 year old house. As a result, I am now fascinated (and perhaps obsessed, like Bill Murray in Caddyshack) with the ant mind.

Their favorite destination was the pantry, every seam of which is now sealed. So they now appear — periodically and persistently — in our bathroom. Here’s my current approach: when they first appear and the entry point isn’t obvious, kill them all (wet paper towels work well). Wait an hour or so, see where two or three are found, and observe that area patiently for several minutes until you see one disappear, or a new one appear, in an amazingly minute opening. For us, it’s a crack in the shower grout.  Apply a dollop of silicone seal, and you’re done. Well, you’re done for several hours or even a day.

I have repeated this process for over a week in our bathroom, and I’m still fascinated to observe how they pick up an old, abandoned trail; sense the distant smell of something sugary like cough drops; occasionally stop upon meeting for a lengthy discussion; head off across an open expanse of wall; dart panic-stricken when my finger plunges in from above.

When I finally grow weary of their tenacity, I’ll caulk the entire perimeter of the shower tiles.

Two weeks later: I didn’t have a chance to grow weary. After a dozen dollops, they departed and we’ve been ant-free for two weeks.


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