What’s wrong with Mac OS X Lion

  • Most importantly, many apps no longer work.
  • iCal: A team of software engineers from Microsoft sneaked onto the Apple campus to create this app. The cowboy-themed skin is the ugliest ever developed by Apple, and the user experience makes the most common tasks difficult:
    • In “Month” view, clicking on a day doesn’t select it. Double-clicking creates an all-day event, which you rarely want to do. When you edit the all-day event to create a normal event, it defaults to being an 8-hour event, which you never want to do.
    • There’s a prominent “+” button to create multiple overlaid calendars, which you rarely want to do. I’ve seen a couple of users try to create a new calendar entry with this button.
  • Apparently Apple wants to move to a single OS for both laptops and tablets.  Along the way, laptop users are going to get reduced and awkward interactions:
    • Spelling auto-correct on the iPhone uses the bold and appropriate default of replacing your typing with the correction. It’s appropriate for an interface where entering text is difficult and error-prone.  It’s not appropriate for keyboard input. But now it’s the default in Lion.
    • The tap-tap-hold trackpad gesture used to let you Drag in Snow Leopard. It still works for me because my preference was carried over, but this Preference has been removed from System Preferences:Trackpad:Point & Click.
    • The excellent interface for searching across Mail messages has been discarded. A new impoverished pulldown offers few options, and if they haven’t guessed what you want to do, you’re out of luck. For instance, you can’t search the From field.
    • Previously, double-clicking the bar between column headers in the Finder would expand the column to show the longest entry.  No more.

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