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How to publish a Word document to MediaWiki

  • In Word, File>Save as Web Page…
  • In Firefox, Open the Web Page and View>Page Source. (In FFox 5, the menu is now Tools>Web Developer>Page Source)
  • Copy everything inside the <body> tags
  • Paste into a new plain text file (e.g. using TextEdit on a Mac)
  • Use the Find command to Replace All <o:p></o:p> ¬†with nothing
  • Use the Find command to Replace All <![if !supportEmptyParas]>&nbsp;<![endif]> ¬† with nothing
  • Go to and paste the edited text into the “Raw HTML” textbox
  • Set Wiki dialect to MediaWiki
  • click the Convert button

My 5-Star Netflix DVDs

Here are the DVDs that I rated 5-Stars in Netflix:

  1. 12 Angry Men
  2. 16 Blocks
  3. 21 Grams
  4. 25th Hour
  5. After the Wedding
  6. Amores Perros
  7. Animal Kingdom
  8. Annie Hall
  9. Another Year
  10. Babel
  11. Before Night Falls
  12. Blow
  13. Body of Lies
  14. Boyz N the Hood
  15. Bread and Roses
  16. Breaking and Entering
  17. Brooklyn’s Finest
  18. Brothers
  19. Brothers
  20. City of God
  21. Closer
  22. Dead Man Walking
  23. Die Hard
  24. Eastern Promises
  25. Factory Girl
  26. Fair Game
  27. Fargo
  28. Five Minutes of Heaven
  29. Four Brothers
  30. Fragments
  31. Fresh
  32. Friends with Money
  33. Great Pas de Deux
  34. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
  35. In Bruges
  36. Inception
  37. Inside the Actors Studio: Robin Williams
  38. Kids
  39. La Haine
  40. Man on Fire
  41. Million Dollar Baby
  42. Monster’s Ball
  43. Mother and Child
  44. Mystic River
  45. Onegin
  46. Please Give
  47. Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire
  48. Pride and Glory
  49. Redemption
  50. Requiem for a Dream
  51. Running Scared
  52. sex, lies, and videotape
  53. Shooter
  54. Spun
  55. Street Kings
  56. Sylvia
  57. Taxi Driver
  58. Tender Mercies
  59. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  60. The Battle of Algiers
  61. The Beat That My Heart Skipped
  62. The Bourne Identity
  63. The Bourne Supremacy
  64. The Bourne Ultimatum
  65. The Celebration
  66. The Crime of Padre Amaro
  67. The Departed
  68. The Fighter
  69. The Good Shepherd
  70. The Hours
  71. The Hunt for Red October
  72. The Hurt Locker
  73. The Kids Are All Right
  74. The Kingdom
  75. The Lives of Others
  76. The Lover
  77. The Matrix
  78. The Pledge
  79. The Remains of the Day
  80. There Will Be Blood
  81. The Score
  82. The Shawshank Redemption
  83. The Transporter
  84. Things We Lost in the Fire
  85. Thirteen Days
  86. Three Kings
  87. Traffic
  88. Training Day
  89. Up in the Air

Copying the songs in an iTunes playlist

iTunes has a command “File>Library>Export Playlist…” which only exports a text listing of the songs — it doesn’t copy the actual song files.

I just spent a good bit of time searching for a way to export the actual song files, and found a very nice solution. There is a free app called “iTunes Export” available at . Click the black bar labeled “INSTALL NOW”. Installation is a rather involved process, since it uses Adobe AIR, but it works.

  • Use the iTunes command “File>Library>Export Playlist…” and select Format: XML before clicking Save.
  • Start the “iTunes Export” application
  • Browse to the XML file you just saved, then click Next. (Keep using the Next buttons, not the Finish button.)
  • On the “Select Playlists to Export” screen, click the “Select All” button, otherwise the Next button will be grayed out. Click Next.
  • On the “Select Export Options” screen, make sure to choose “Copy Per Playlist” as the “Copy Files” option. Click Next.
  • I found that “iTunes Export” then froze my mouse so I couldn’t do anything until it had finished, but it worked perfectly.
  • Yes, I made a donation. It’s strange — you have to click “Update Total” in the PayPal window.

Dealing with high blood pressure

I have high blood pressure, but with massive doses of Diovan, I keep it in the range of 140/80 to 120/80.
Today I went on a long bike ride with two lunatic friends who ride much too fast. I came home, had a margarita, stood up, and flopped back into my chair, nearly fainting. My blood pressure is 87/58.
So what do we learn from this? If you have high blood pressure, drink Margaritas.

There’s an Insurance Executive standing between me and my doctor

red raspberries : strawberries = clams : mussels