Copying the songs in an iTunes playlist

iTunes has a command “File>Library>Export Playlist…” which only exports a text listing of the songs — it doesn’t copy the actual song files.

I just spent a good bit of time searching for a way to export the actual song files, and found a very nice solution. There is a free app called “iTunes Export” available at . Click the black bar labeled “INSTALL NOW”. Installation is a rather involved process, since it uses Adobe AIR, but it works.

  • Use the iTunes command “File>Library>Export Playlist…” and select Format: XML before clicking Save.
  • Start the “iTunes Export” application
  • Browse to the XML file you just saved, then click Next. (Keep using the Next buttons, not the Finish button.)
  • On the “Select Playlists to Export” screen, click the “Select All” button, otherwise the Next button will be grayed out. Click Next.
  • On the “Select Export Options” screen, make sure to choose “Copy Per Playlist” as the “Copy Files” option. Click Next.
  • I found that “iTunes Export” then froze my mouse so I couldn’t do anything until it had finished, but it worked perfectly.
  • Yes, I made a donation. It’s strange — you have to click “Update Total” in the PayPal window.

1 Response to “Copying the songs in an iTunes playlist”

  1. 1 Eric Daugherty 29 Dec 09 at 7:55 pm

    Thanks again for the donation and the write-up.

    The step: “Use the iTunes command “File>Library>Export Playlist…” and select Format: XML before clicking Save.” should be unnecessary as iTunes maintains an XML version of your entire library. It is usually located in the same directory as your iTunes library.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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